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At the start of the year 2018, the RET company, or the Rotterdam City Transport did get in touch with DIG IT UP, in order for us to get in touch with the people of Rotterdam, if they were able to help us to find visual material for the celebration of Fifty Years Metro. During a meeting regarding the findings from the Rotterdam people, of which we scanned the found visual material at our heritage lab, and took interviews about the stories with the past related images. Historian Dik Vuik, gave a lecture on the history of the Metro. while we took care for the presentation with an actor dressed in a RET-uniform as a consolidation for softening the waiting time here again was the amount of response and material overwhelming. Mayor Aboutaleb from Rotterdam, opened the exhibition arriving in an original restored Metro-wagon from the year 1966, at Station Blaak.   50 jaar metro This particular image and many stories of 50 years Metro, was used for the exhibition and can still be seen in the Tram museum. 


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